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You are a woman, and well on your way… and, you are convinced there's more.

You know that a big part of your future is having the right community around you and also being challenged in new ways to create new results in your life.

We know that finding that community is hard work.

We are really good at finding great people.

If we weren't, we wouldn't be talking to you right now.

Our C3 squads provide a creative solution to the collaboration women need to be the biggest contribution they can be in life.

Together in small groups we solve for big problems, take big risks and support the growth we crave.

Learn new tools for living, new concepts to take your life to the next level, and connect with other fabulous women along the way.

Click below to learn more about one of our inclusively exclusive squads and experience the difference true collaboration can make.

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C3 Squad Basecamp

C3 Squad Basecamp is a commitment of 3, 90 minute learning segments occurring every three weeks for the length of your program.

The first call is devoted to collaboration, specifically your collaboration with the universe and how you show up in your life. We will be covering THE BIG problem as Gay Hendricks describes it, the “upper Limit Problem”. Learn tools for living that you can introduce right away to be aware of the ways you limit your full potential. The second call is devoted to creativity, how can you be fully expressed in the world and bring your best to your life! In order to be creative the first requirement is responsibility, no one else will create for you what you ultimately want in life, so learn tangible ways to be your own generator of results and do it in an enjoyable way! The third call is focused on contribution, how are you giving back to the life you have created and making your world a better place. Learn very applicable tools to integrate contribution into each and every day to ultimately determine your purpose. Living a life on purpose is so incredible meaningful and fulfilling!

Between the three learning block calls, you will have tangible homework assignments to give you the tools to integrate learned tactics into your life right away. The program is meant to be powerful, easy to integrate and up-level all categories of your life.

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