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Living your life AWAKE and using technology to make it happen!

I have denied myself the notion that I am a technology geek for long enough, I am here to say I am a TOTAL NERD when it comes to streamlining life via technology!  I love love all the fun, easy and thoughtful ways my life is simplified through tech! 

When I faced into this truth, my brain began chewing on the "why's" behind my actions, and I decided to share with you why I am a tech nerd and how it can allow you live more consciously. 

I have reached the conclusion that technology CAN enhance, promote and cultivate a conscious lifestyle!  

Here are a few of my favorite ways technology enhances my ability to live consciously and therefore be more available to the present, what's happening now!

1. Clear my mind! I can be very dreamy, I can drift from one thought to next, my imagination running at lightning speed AND  while doing so totally miss what's happening in that moment! I LOVE using Evernote to clear the space in my mind or gather information for a later date. Below is video about how Erin uses Evernote to organize herself.  One specific example for me is I can be browsing or working on my computer and a thought pops in; "oh yeah I need to order that thing..." I then go to the site and "clip it" for later.  LOVE IT! check out the video below.

2. My iPhone apps allow me to be totally alert and whole no matter where I am. Regardless of where I find myself I have a few apps on my phone that act as home base and allow me to tune in and keep a similar routine regardless of where i am.  I believe this keeps me more awake/conscious to each day as I can maintain constants for myself.  My morning meditation, books and daily readings are all on my phone as well as my nutrition and exercise diary.  By keeping these routines captured in apps vs three different notebooks, I can literally be anywhere and still have the same morning routine.  I truly believe a consistent morning routine is a foundation for clarity throughout the day.

3. Finally, I LOVE connecting with people! I am truly energized by stimulating conversation with others! I completely bask in the fact that some of my favorite people live no where near me, and yet thanks to Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (you get the picture), I can have neighbor like relationships with them!  Truly, being present with so many dear friends at one time is enlightening and beautiful! Not to mention meeting new people all the time that I otherwise might not have met.  Virtual connectivity is fantastic and such a gift to be anywhere and cary so much love, in my pocket :) thanks iPhone.

I am noticing my silliness and childlike tone when writing this blog today.  I realize that I get borderline giddy when talking about technology's impact and capabilities to facilitate an even more livening human experience!

 I will also say this, the opposite effect can occur.  I have seen many write ups about how technology interfacing is interrupting the social connectivity of face to face conversations and relationships.  I too believe this can happen, your iPhone can quickly go from an extension of the human experience allowing you to connect and live more deeply and richly. OR by contrast, keep you isolated and illusion'd to real life activity and interfacing.  Just like anything, it is how you use it and how the choices you make align with the use of your devices and gadgets.  

I invite you to look at your iPhone or Android a little differently today; How is this one device allowing you to function in a more conscious/awake manor and is it facilitating healthy connections and aliveness for you?

Thanks for reading!


Lindsey Rainwater is an experienced consultant and coach  to the fitness and wellness industry.  She specializes in business development and leadership. Currently she is working with the Fitmarc Team helping club owners all over the south central region of the united states propel their business forward via group exercise solutions.  For more information about lindsey, follow her @lindseyrainh2o 

IHRSA 2013 - Let's plan to connect!


It is that time of year Fitness professionals! IHRSA 2013 is two short weeks away, will I see you there?

Let's connect at IHRSA 2013 

A few highlights I wanted to share with you, and also extend an invitation to connect.  I will be meeting with many fitness professionals in the south central region seeking gorup fitness solutions within their health and fitness environments.  If you would like to meet with me, message me here, and we will make a point to connect.

I am thrilled to share that this year, IHRSA has supported those of us attending with a smart phone APP! that's right, all of your appointments, education sessions, booth locations, etc, are all available on your smart phone. Fantastic, right?! Here is the LINK if you would like to utilize this resource.


Second, my friend Bryan K. O'Rourke will be delivering content you DO NOT want to miss! click here for more information on the panel Bryan will be a speaking on and get all of the content from industry leaders.  Also, he will be presenting Thursday at 1:30pm specifically on Trends Transforming the Health and Fitness industry, click here to see more info. 


And last but not least, Booth #825 - Less Mills - please stop by and say hello! The whole Fitmarc Team will be at the event.  To speak specifically with me about how I can help you with your group fitness solutions, message me here.  

Fitmarc, Les Mills South Central

Looking forward to meeting you!

-Lindsey Rainwater


Oh ya, I have an app for that!

Do you “Like” it?


Did you check in, did you post the picture, tag the picture, stay 30 minutes later to meet up with a friend that just checked in? Does any of this sound familiar? 

Does your smart phone and the world of endless apps play a role in your life? For me, it does! Everything I do has been integrated into that one little device

There are so many different ways to be social today!

Never have we been able to be as connected as we are today.  In 5 minutes I can be up to date on my friends lives across the country, see geographically where my friends are around town, and carry on any number of conversations across multiple outlets simultaneously without skipping a beat! What a gift to be so connected.  So, how does this magical device and the social outlets it provides affect your health and fitness?

I recently poled my Facebook friends to get some insight on the subject; I gathered information about how my friends are using fitness apps to improve their personal goals and aspirations in the health category.  As it turns out, a majority of the people in my life, similar to myself, connect themselves socially using their fitness apps and track their progress from their device. 

There are thousands of apps to choose from, a few ranking at the top were Live strong myfitnesspal, Run Keeper, and a handful of others.  The majority not only tracked activity but also nutrition.  In most cases these apps are linked to social outlets to provide friends and followers a live picture of their health.  We don’t just go to the gym anymore, we check in when we get there, inviting our social networks the opportunity to applaud us or see our activity.  There is a certain level of transparency that comes with being social online.  You can treat your facebook page as an online Journal, tracking your every move and are able to look back to measure progress.

What a gift that we now have so many ways to feel connected with one another! If you would like more information about social apps linking to health and fitness, check out this link that breaks down a few of the chart topping favorites! And tell me Lindsey Rainwater, how are you socially linking your Health?