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IHRSA 2014 Recap

Upon returning home from IHRSA each year I take time to reflect on the trip and capture the most meaningful take away's to share with you.  This year the event was in San Diego, such a great place to hold the event, you can't beat the sunshine and coastal breeze! not to mention yummy fish tacos that are walking distance from the convention center!  

Two of my favorite speakers this year were Mrs Sally Hogeshead and Mr Bryan O'Rourke. 

Mrs Sally Hogesead delivered a compelling talk about fascinating your listener in 9 seconds or less. She engaged the audience with many different suggestions to better enhance the delivery of who you are as an individual. 

Mr Bryan O'Rourke spoke on the impact of mobile technology on the fitness industry and how important it is to have a mobile ready website and apps to improve the member experience. For more information on his presentation, click here. 

And of course, the trade show! what a lovely show it was this year.  I always enjoy the buzz of the trade show, so many club owners and operators making impactful decisions on their equipment and programming options for the year.  You will see some pictures below of the event!

Be sure to share your IHRSA 2014 thoughts with me if you desire! 



Tradeshow floor, showing several equipment providers booths.

Ms. Sarah and Myself at the Les Mills booth

Mrs Rebecca Cofod and myself


Your's Truly :)