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The Sky is the Limit: You Can Literally achieve your Fitness Goals from Anywhere.


To exercise from your living room and have an interactive experience just as if you were at your neighborhood gym! 

I am highly fascinated with the ways that technology is enhancing our day to day lives, technology allows us to be more connected than ever in very savvy and conscious ways. 

One of my favorite ways technology is demonstrating this said connectivity is through virtual delivery fitness experiences.  I write about this topic often and am very much in favor of people joining our industry and becoming wellness consumers.  Virtual offerings are bringing new people to the industry and expanding our reach into new places creating more healthy lives!

I have compiled a list of virtual fitness platforms that any person that owns a smart phone, tablet or computer can access and have a fitness experience from their living room.  

1. Wello Workouts allow you to pick when and where you want to workout and all you need is a webcam and internet to get started.  A personal training will walk you through your workout through a live video stream and since they can see you it acts much like an in person training session.  They also offer group to join so you can cheer on teammates! A totally fun way to get moving from home with hands on support. 

2. Fitocracy offers private coaching covering fitness assessment, nutritional plan, workouts and accountability.  Based only our goals you scan through and select a trainer that fits best with your desired results.  From there it is an easy process of connecting with your coach and creating your plan! I personally love the look and feel of this platform. 

3. Daily Burn comes in all shapes and sizes! After you choose your desired results and times per week you would like to workout, you are assigned a program and trainer that will help you achieve your goals! I love that Daily Burn offers heart rate monitors that can be synced with the workouts so you can see what your heart rate is and the trainer can coach you per your HR.  

4. Bodee Fit offers workouts you can do without equipment! With custom training packages ranging in between 4-12 weeks you can get your tailor maid workout with them! They have other training packages available and do a great job of explaining what online coaching/training is and if it is right for you.  

The elevation of the human connection with technology as the vehicle allows for breakthrough new ways to get fit and stay fit. Do you use a virtual/online workout platform? 

I welcome feedback and would love to hear what's working for you!


Lindsey Rainwater is an experienced consultant and coach  to the fitness and wellness industry.  She specializes in business development and leadership. Currently she is working with the Fitmarc Team helping club owners all over the south central region of the united states propel their business forward via group exercise solutions.  For more information about Lindsey follow her @lindseyrainh2o 

consumers rule, do you drool?

I laughed as I typed that title...

click on Infograph to see source article

click on Infograph to see source article

We have entered a new era, one of empowered customer choices and complete consumer disruption resulting in customer control.

I love disruption!

Maybe it's hardwired into me to ask many question and get to the truth before I buy in, but I am noticing that I am not the only one taking my business to the company’s that might be less popular but really, give the consumer what they want and keep caring after the sale.

This past weekend I experienced this very circumstance with my cell phone provider.

I stopped into a retail store to make a simple change to my account and inquire about an upcoming upgrade that I was eligible for.  I would have loved to handle this over the phone, but the customer service experience varies from phone to in person, so I decided to go to source vs. wasting my time on the phone (experience teaches).

 An hour later I ended up leaving the store irritated, frustrated and ready to take action.  I went up the street to a neighboring service provider to see if maybe there was a chance I could get what I wanted with the “little guy”.

Thirty minutes later I left that store with not only what I wanted in my hand, but more than I had expected.  My loyalty to the brand that I had been with for 10 years went out the window in 30 minutes because I was in control and took my business to a company that aligned with what I most wanted. Did I mention they were super nice and got to know me personally?

So the question: why do big companies still think they are in charge?

Haven’t they gotten the message yet that they work for US, the consumer?

Regardless of what industry, consumer choices create your reality.

Where I choose to spend my money creates the business's success, so the notion that CEO’s or owners are in charge, well that’s just not true.  The Customer controls the market and the success of the company.

I believe disruptive consumer momentum is radically exciting, giving the opportunity for the consumer to take 100% responsibility for what they really want and change the face of companies all over the world.

What do you think, exciting or terrifying? 

Lindsey Rainwater is an experienced consultant and coach  to the fitness and wellness industry.  She specializes in business development and leadership. Currently she is working with the Fitmarc Team helping club owners all over the south central region of the united states propel their business forward via group exercise solutions.  For more information about lindsey, follow her @lindseyrainh2o 


what's in a name, absolutely everything, actually!

Lindsey Rainwater, Consultant and Coach to the Fitness and Wellness Industry

What's your favorite restaurant?  And why do you go there?  

The other night my boyfriend and I were firming up our evening plans, we were feeling low key and decided dinner and movie sounded like the perfect evening.  We enjoy going out for Pho and go to our favorite little hole in the wall family owned spot about once a week.  

The movie theatre we were planning to go to was next door to another pho spot, but we did not eat there.  We drove across town and went to the pho spot where we know Tony, and he knows us.  You see, every time I am out of town he asks where I was and how my trip was, we have a relationship with these folks.  I find it fascinating that we will drive across town to visit Tony, for Pho vs. go wherever is most convenient.

Relationships really do influence our purchasing decisions, and more over the consistency of the combination of service and relationships usually makes a lasting relationship between business and customer. 

So how did the relationship start?

Well that is a simple answer, Tony asked us our names, and we asked him what his was.

Our names are our identity, the title we offer the world and one of the most personal ways to go from stranger to friend.  

I had to laugh thinking about the fact that we went so far out of our way for a bowl of soup just to be in the environment we preferred.

Why? Because Tony creates an experience for us at his restaurant simply by knowing our names and addressing us when we visit him.

I ask you today, how many new members or strangers can you make friends by asking their name?  

Better yet- how many staff members can you inspire to do the same?   

A little food for thought- make names a priority. 

Let me know, Lindsey Rainwater what your experiences are around learning names. 

A time to be, a time to breath and reflect- 2013 in closing

Last Year- The visual I created for my intentions

I enjoy reflecting, not to the point of anything excessive, but I enjoy looking at the story I have created for myself so far on this journey called life. I must say, what I enjoy far more than looking at the past, is day dreaming about the future. I consider myself a dreamer, I often think about travel plans, career milestones and more personal desires like having a family of my own one day. Regardless of your dreamer capacity, a lot of us fall into a reflective state this week each year. Ticking off the boxes of completed new year's resolutions, or making new lists and promises to ourselves in hopes of another year of growth.

Last year I set intentions for myself; that word felt more attractive to me personally. This past year I was in a state of personal growth pursuit vs. conquering a goal. For me it worked, each idea that I decided to pursue with intention last year, I absolutely saw growth in those areas.

This year I plan on continuing to stay in that mindset, a mindset of traction vs. hard set goal setting. My toss to you this year is this; Rather than get hung up on "did I or didn't I meet and exceed my goals" vs. what have I done this year to bring me closer to filling in my skin, what have I done to improve my offering to myself and the world around me?

I know for me, being in a constant state of personal growth is far more important than ticking off boxes of to do's. In my experience, keeping myself as engaged as possible in the present and out of the business of manufactured outcomes, most certainly contributes to over all sanity and peace of mind. After all, all I have is now, not then, not to be... right now.

So as you go into your celebrations tomorrow and days of reflecting, rather than view this is a hard "stop, start" of goals and tasks- what will you continue to expand on, and what needs to go?

Have a beautiful New Year!



What legacy will we leave?

My dear friend and colleague Jeni Morrison and I were talking last week about the importance of Legacy and the impact we have in our environments.  The conversation was born out of a few site visits I had made last week and the conversations that birthed out of them, I asked her to share with us her thoughts on legacy, see below for her perspective, I know I certainly enjoyed it!

We often ask this question when great leaders like Nelson Mandela pass away. Sometimes we ask when the holiday spirit sweeps over to ignite acts of giving. In the fitness industry, we may learn of  instructors or clubs that simply inspire. This week, an instructor in Texas and two health clubs in Colorado have lead me to the question of legacy.

Drew Suprenant is a Group X Instructor and co-worker of mine. Earlier this week, he posted on his Facebook page after teaching a Les Mills BODYCOMBAT class, “A single moment of tear jerking joy came tonight. About half way through warm up in BODYCOMBAT tonight, I looked past the back row and noticed a women in the window…in a wheelchair. She was just a punching and going! Caught me off guard. Then I realized, this is what I'm here for - my purpose. We take so many things for granted...some just want to try… she touched my heart. Live for others because life is too short to not impact at least one life.”  If you know Drew, you know that posts like these are not uncommon. Drew often writes of experiences and uplifting messages. As a result, he has gained many followers from all over the world. Although he has never met many, they are positively impacted by his posts. He takes the time to respond to each and every one. Drew will leave a legacy of humility, hope, & humanity.

Southeast Fitness is a club in Aurora, Colorado. Dalene acquired ownership last year although the club has been open much longer. The previous owner had some choice operational ideas leaving the club in financial ruin. The day the doors were being shut, Dalene assumed ownership, with a large amount of financial obligation that came along with.  Over the past year, Southeast Fitness has gone from 300 to 1000 members. Acquisition didn’t come from top dollar marketing or social media exposure. Dalene walked door to door through Aurora and made homemade signs to post around town. Although the membership has increased greatly, Dalene has yet to draw a paycheck. When asked why she keeps the doors open, she turned and waved to an overweight man entering the club and said, “I do this because of people like him. When he first joined, he had to stop and sit down on this couch to catch his breath before attempting the stairs to the work out room. He can now walk in and make it up the stairs.” I know the legacy Dalene will leave. Unselfishness, sacrifice, and giving to her community.

Slated to open in 2014, Women of Ruffhouse is also located in Aurora is a women’s only health club. The first thing seen upon entering the website is, “The Only One Who Can Beat Me is Me.” Former police officer Sherrel Roland, is the founder of Ruffhouse. Two years ago, her 17 year old daughter was sexually assaulted. She chose to turn her feelings of helplessness into a call to action. Her mission is to provide a safe fitness environment for all girls and women, many who have been victims of sexual assault. Along with Group Fitness classes, Ruffhouse will also offer motivational speakers and educational programs. The building may still be under construction but the foundation for the legacy has already been set. Sherrel will leave a legacy of empowerment, restoration, and service.

As I think about Drew, Dalene, & Sherrel, one of my favorite quotes came to mind from Mandela, A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” While he wasn’t referring to our industry specifically, we all know that this applies to instructors, managers, club owners, and anyone who serves in our industry. I have always found a perfect time to reflect is when the year is coming to a close. Have I served our industry in a way that I want to be remembered as? What did we provide as a company? How were others impacted?

With the anticipation of what 2014 will hold, I ask you to consider …..what legacy will you leave?


Jeni Morrison has been part of the Fitness Industry for over 10 years.  Born and raised in Texas, her passion to positively impact people’s livesdeveloped into a career where she has worked at the YMCA, 24 Hour Fitness,and PUR-FIT and currently works in Business Development at Les Mills South Central.