Who is With Me?

Ladies, I am excited to say, I am stepping out on a ledge and taking a leap of faith.

For years, I have studied with masterful coaches and facilitators to learn tools and methods for supporting others in transformational change. I studied with masters Gay & Katy Hendricks to learn the art of listening to my body as a vehicle for transformational change, to be a body intelligent human being!

Throughout all of my training, I have never led with this skill, instead I will sprinkle exercises or ideas into my consulting work… until today… Today I am stepping fully into my capabilities and offering up a new way to learn from your body, it is truly a remarkable skill and I am so excited to share with you about it!

I am launching a curated community for women interested in learning from their intuition and body intelligence, small groups of women, meeting to learn and explore.

C3 Squad’s are a place for women to collaborate, create and contribute with one another.

One of the hardest things in my opinion, is finding community, true, enriched and meaningful community… I want to help solve this problem. To create a place for women, with busy schedules, full lives to be able to gather with another handful of women, virtually, be supported and build life long friendships!

I am launching the first squad in a few short weeks, join me to experience something totally new and refreshing!