Celebration! 12 Months of Consistent Creation. Thank you! [VIDEO]

A little over a year ago I was on a flight returning to Denver, tenaciously typing out a 12 month, bi-weekly content calendar with the intention of posting four times a month in 2015. I remember thoughtfully planning what I wanted to cover, how I wanted the posts to flow and when I wanted to post.  I picked the Hashtag "#TotallyTrendyTuesday" to use as a way of categorizing all of the trends and topics to support leadership in the fitness and wellness space. And I created #WakeUpWednesday to bundle my posts focused on tools for leaders choosing to explore ways to be more emotionally intelligent and AWAKEN their lives.  Today I celebrate that completion. For the past twelve months I have followed that calendar, stayed consistent and published what I said I was going to! I want to thank two people specifically: Bryan O'Rourke for his inspiration for blogging in the first place. In 2011 he taught me to blog and I began writing; without him I never would have done this! And Amy Schmittauer: she helped me envision a content calendar and demonstrated that it is possible to stick to a plan and execute content week after week.  I feel excited about what 2016 has in store and the content I will be creating.  The new calendar is well under way - stay tuned! 

Lindsey Rainwater is a consultant and coach to the fitness and wellness industry.  She specializes in business development and leadership. Currently she is working with the Fitmarc Team helping Health Club owners all over the south central region of the united states propel their business forward via group exercise solutions.  For more information about Lindsey, follow her @lindseyrainh2o