Push the Reset button! Your energy is a renewable resource

Do you get stuck when working on an important task?

Most of the time when I “get stuck” it is because I have lost interest in what I am working on, this happens for a variety of reasons, sometimes due to a lack of energy, concentration and possibly frustration.  I have created a tool called the reset button, combining many different tactics I have learned over the years, I am sharing it with you because when I use it consistently, not only does my productivity go through the roof, I have way more fun! Hitting the reset button allows you to renew your energy throughout the day instead of crashing when you get stuck.

Start by asking yourself if you are willing to shift from Stuck to unstuck?

Seems like an obvious question, but you would be surprised how many people enjoy being stuck.  Being stuck allows you to continue to feel sorry for yourself and not make any changes.  If you want to stay stuck, do not engage in this activity, because if you do… you are going to have a really hard time feeling bad let alone stay stuck. 

Here are the moves; I designed them after my favorite Hendricks mantra “ Breathe, Move, Love” and in combination with tools I have learned from Katie Hendricks


Stand up at your desk or wherever you are working, take 3-8 full belly inhales and exhales.  Full belly breathes, most of us breathe in and out only accessing our breath through our chest. We spend the majority of our time using what I like to call “keep me alive” breathes, we don’t think about it, we just breathe.  Bringing our breath from our toes to our foreheads creates lots of energy!  Feel the breath fill your belly, come out of your nose and bring oxygen swirling into your mind.   On the inhale appreciate yourself for taking the time to reset and on the exhale appreciate a person in your life you love.  


Something truly magical happens when we move our bodies, when we move we create a stream of aliveness that runs through our whole body.  We find it necessary to think less and enjoy more.  You know this principle from exercise.  Finding unique ways to move your body that are nurturing to you is the key to generating more aliveness into your body and switching your energy from left to right brain.   One of my favorite ways to move my body during my work day is to wiggle!  While I am standing after I breathe, I wiggle my fingers, toes, knees, neck, torso, and jaw.  I find the jaw to be the most important, I hold a ton of tension in my face and usually until I move it, do I realize what was hanging out in those muscles.   


Caring is sharing!  When something happens to us we love to tell others about it, talking amongst ourselves is a point of connectivity and generates lots of energy!  Once you have taken 3-8 breaths, moved your body and start to feel more alive, go tell someone about it! If you work with other people, go share with a co-worker what you experienced shifting from stuck to unstuck, celebrate with them!  It does not have to stop there, text a loved one, tell your Facebook family how good you feel unstuck.  The important principle of this step is to share and celebrate your experience; it takes the attention off of you and puts it on something else.

After you have engaged in this activity, which only takes about one to two minutes, go back to the task that you were working on with a fresh set of eyes.  I would imagine you find you are able to work with ease and get much more accomplished in a shorter amount of time.  The impact of resetting your day when you are stuck will allow you to renew your energy throughout the day instead of wasting energy staying stuck.   All you have to remember is Breathe, Move, Love!

Let me know, Lindsey Rainwater how this experience of Breathing, moving and loving works for you. 

Lindsey Rainwater is an experienced consultant and coach  to the fitness and wellness industry.  She specializes in business development and leadership. Currently she is working with the Fitmarc Team helping club owners all over the south central region of the united states propel their business forward via group exercise solutions.  For more information about lindsey, follow her @lindseyrainh2o