Does your attitude suck? helpful tips on how to change your reality.

Does your attitude suck?

Have you experienced a time in your life that felt like the movie groundhog day? Waking up day after day in the same place wondering why it continues to repeat?

I certainly have, I experienced a season of life that felt like that movie in my early twenties. I was getting stuck in thought patterns that left me feeling empty, looking for distraction and comfort to feel good.

I started searching, and along that search I had a realization; that regardless of the job, the guy, the car, none of the stuff I had obtained 'made me feel good', my circumstances were not providing me happiness. Thus lead to awareness around owning my thoughts and feelings to create the reality I wanted vs. expecting my circumstances to yield a feeling for me.

 I believe that awareness is an opportunity to embrace change, if we do not see, we cannot change... our awareness is our first opportunity to begin a shift in our thinking to then take action.

 As soon as my awareness led me to see that I was the author of my feelings, that my thoughts were truly creating the world I was living in, I was able to take action.

Classically, I started reading enlightening books, going to see astrologist, journaling, having philosophically conversations with anyone that would sit with me to have them... I tried many different tactics to feel better.  

While I learned a LOT, and continue to have a seeker mentality, a profound learning took place for me during that initial journey towards positive thinking.

I was introduced to the concept of using gratitude as a thought shifting tool.

Not earth shattering by any means, but here is the difference between knowledge and understanding... application!

I started to apply gratitude into my life in a very real life breathing way. 

Here are the ways that I started to apply an attitude of gratitude.

Whenever I was at the grocery I would practice, I would make eye contact with the checkout clerk and mentally thank them for what they were doing for me, and energetically, allow my heart to smile at theirs. If I was in conversation with someone I was feeling irritability towards, rather than focus on the words they were saying that annoyed me, I would find something about them that was beautiful, and thank them, energetically for that contribution to the world.  

You see, this act of sending my energy towards what I was grateful for vs. what I needed, facilitated a mind shift that was tremendously impactful.  All of a sudden, the little things stopped adding up, my attitude shifted and I had a perception change.  

The reality of how I was living become much more colorful and vibrant.

The learning being , if you are a thought leader of any type, more than likely you have read any number of books that encourage positive thinking and an attitude of gratitude.  My thought for you would be to now apply it, find a way that works for you to integrate gratitude recognition into your lifestyle.

Try this for at least 2 weeks, everyday, and see how your world starts to change.  

I would love to hear about your journey!