My name is Lindsey and I am in a relationship with my phone, are you?

Is your phone your friend? 

Do you get the sensation after having cleared your notifications screen that you just had a conversation face to face with a friend?

There's a whole ‘thing’ happening right now with our phones and our connectivity with people.  Based on the virtual nature of our social media platforms we all feel very connected, far more than we used to be when we were writing handwritten letters and making house calls. 

So, is our virtual connectivity adding or taking away from our in person effectiveness and relationship building? 

I am in no way implying that this is a bad thing, I am simply bringing this phenomenon to our awareness as I have recently put myself on a “usage diet”.  

Since I have embarked on the usage diet, I have challenged myself to look my attention, and where I am giving it.  What I am finding is that I am in love with multitasking, I have often said that my phone could take me to the moon and back, it’s that good.  In limiting my time with my beloved device allows me to presence myself with what is in front of me vs. what’s in my screen and complete one thing at a time.  

When I am completely available for what is in front of me, I have a lot better of a chance of being available to what is happening both emotionally and physically.  I am a better connector, listener and can hear what my body is telling me, giving my attention to what is actually happening.

My over arching learning is this; my phone is my number one distracter, and if I tune in to what I am feeling when I reach for it, usually there is a need to be addressed that has nothing to do with what is happening in my phone.

Hmmmm... I would invite you, wonder about how you use your devise.  Does it serve you as a distracter, or have you ever played with the “why’s” around your usage.  

Something to ponder, we have an abundance of beautiful opportunities everyday to be available to our circumstances and the people we interact with, so why do we feel so drawn to the virtual version of life? 

I would love your thoughts!