Lights, Camera, Action! but wait... who is going to help me? Group Fitness Studio Part 2

Lindsey Rainwater, Consultant to the fitness industryThis past month I have been highlighting details about how to create the best group fitness environment and the step by step details about how to create a space that is welcoming and functional for your members.

Now that the stage is set and the vision is created, let's get to the juicy party! actually building relationships with vendors so you can get bodies moving in the space.

I was thinking about this subject in the context of a "support team"- we all have them, hair dressers, dry cleaners, assistants, even our phones act in some respect as support to us on a daily basis.  When you need something done, at a certain point you have established relationships in your life that depending on what it is, you have a 'go to guy' for that specific task.  This is really no different, flooring, equipment, sound, audio, all of what is needed to properly furnish and equip your studio can come from established relationships to avoid the trial and error of finding people to fulfill all of these tasks.

The importance of vendor relationships is critical.  We all have specific brands and functions we like best, price obvisouly being king in many respects, although in my experience the relationship with a vendor often times trumps pricing. 

Robert leading the fitmarc teamAt Fitmarc, our friend Robert Dyer has done a lovely job of building solid relationships with vendors specific to the group fitness environment.  So much so that we can assist in guiding you through the process of going from start to finish.  All of the work it takes to pre qualify vendors etc, has already been done on our end. 

My last installment of this blog series will be next week, I will be covering program selection and highlighting the different methods of delivery that are cutting edge both live and virtual programming.

Please contact me, Lindsey Rainwater and let me know how I can guide you in establishing the best possible group fitness environment for your members and instructors.