setting the stage; how to create an incredible group fitness studio part 1

On a  weekly basis I visit fitness facilities all over the south central region of the United States, in that I have the opportunity to see a lot of different group fitness studio's.  I decided to share insight on not only what I have seen, but put together a series of blog posts using our studio at the Les Mills south Central offices as an example of how to build a studio that creates an environment for your participants and causes them to crave returning time and time again.

Lindsey Rainwater, Consultant to the Fitness Industry

The first installment of this post will be about setting the stage; what are the first steps in creating a world class group fitness studio?

Step one is staring with the end in mind; what do you want your members to gain from spending time in your studio?

Is your studio offering a large variety of class formats, and if so what story will the environment tell? Do you offer virtual programming in addition to live classes, and does the space feel fitting for each format and participant?

Most facilities already have a group fitness space that is dedicated to classes specifically, if that is the case in your center, the next step would be deciding if you can make some simple shifts in transforming that space or if a complete over haul is in order.

I have included a few images below on environments to give you ideas about how to make a few simple shifts to enhance the room.  Lighting, installing a stage, adding a projector system with worded messages or adding decals to the walls can be large enhancements with little investment. Let me know, Lindsey Rainwater; how have you enhanced your fitness environment to attract and retain more participants? 

Les Mills South Central Studio
Les Mills South Central Studio