what do the Ritz Carlton, Apple and Starbucks have in common... that the Fitness Industry should take a look at.

Human connection, intuitive thought... putting people first.  When I think about the fitness industry there are a couple of thoughts that come to mind in regards to engagement and how to interact with the health seekers that walk through the doors.

Often time, the opportunity to engage our newest members slips through our fingers because of a lack of personalized engagement from the get go. Would you agree? 

Capitalizing on human connection; meaning- do you utilize customer service or people serving people, relationships, as part of your plan to further your business and ensure more people return more often and bring their friends? is it a topic in your staff meetings? 

I stumbled upon this article written a while ago, but the principles are timeless.  The topic of the article was about how apple studied the Ritz-Carlton methodology behind customer service and applied it to their own brand.  

Check out the article and more specifically this video:

3 easy tips to begin using right away with your staff to increase the level of engagement are: 

1. start with a warm friendly greeting/welcome

2. End with a fond farewell and invitation to return

3. Empower your employees 

Another wonderful source is Mr Dale Carnegie's book "how to win friends and influence people" .  One of my all time favorites, worth layering into your life.  I once was asked to read it as part of a book study for a team I was on.  It worked magic for each of us when the principles were applied.  And a little inside secret; this all goes far beyond our work environments, they are principles worth carrying into our personal relationship as well. 

Hospitality and the presence of a detailed plan on how you want to engage with people is very relative to your business surviving amongst the ever changing industry as a whole.  The places that seem to be thriving are the ones that have found a niche, build a community around like mindedness, and apply a human connection to how they do business.

After all, we are all in the business of serving people, what does it look like in your facility?  

Let me know, Lindsey Rainwater- let's connect about your level of engagement.