social workouts for social people... We need each other's energy.

Do you have a workout partner?

Do you notice a difference in your workouts when you do?  I certainly do, by inviting someone into my workout, I now have instant competition and motivation.  I find myself increasing my own output to match and exceed the person I am working out with.  

Now that's just me, but I would argue- when you make a workout social- it adds a dynamic.  

A workout partner is one example, but also let's talk about team training or group classes.  Now that's taking it up another level!  There is no way I am going to leave a class or slack off in any way when I have 20 people surrounding me, more over, our energy fills the room and makes the whole exercise experience more exciting  and energetic vs. just me, on a treadmill. 

This all to be mentioned because as social creatures, it is only natural that we would work out socially to improve our results and make it more fun!  we energetically stimulate one another, our energy bounces off from one person to the next creating an atmosphere that encourages a team that generates results.  Results that often are difficult to reach on your own without the motivation of another. 

There is a an entire category of gyms in the fitness industry right now using this as the premise of their entire business model.  The "micro-gym" or "boutique/niche" gym has honed in on one specific concept, packaged it very specifically, and made a community around their mission.  Coincidentally, all of those or most of those are group based workouts ranging from 2-15, in some cases upwards of 60 participants in class, they are capitalizing on people being social, exercising and engaging as a group being the premise for the way they do business.   

I find it fascinating, I believe social workouts engage people and encourage them to push beyond the limits they would normally struggle to reach on their own.

When at one time, the facility with the newest and greatest equipment won the new member, I believe we are moving into an era where people will join a gym to be a part of community.  Participating in a way that it is more encompassing than a single per day workout.  It will touch other aspects of their life and be more of an influence on their social life and social choices.

I am certainly excited about people exercising in groups and the benefits, what are you thoughts? 

Tell me, Lindsey Rainwater how you think social workouts play a role in your fitness environment.