Bucket List and the importance of Rest

Me in California

This last week I took some time off and went on a little Lindsey adventure! 

I travel often for business and realized a few weeks ago I had not taken any "me" time in well over a year and a half.  It get's a little confusing in my mind, because I love what I do, so a vacation hadn't really occurred to me! Kind of funny I suppose, but really! 

Before I completely emerse myself into responding to emails and scheduling my week, I thought I would take a minute to blog about my week off to share with you a few of the highlights!

I went to Southern California, specifically Santa Barbara and Ventura, my primary objective was relaxation and surfing!  Let me tell you, both were accomplished!

Below is a picture of me right after my first surf lesson! what an amazing experience! The feeling of the water underneath you, guiding you through the water is exhilarating and like non other I had experienced.  I snowboard, and while I love that, THIS took the cake for me!  Any chance I get I will be back in CA on the water. 

me right after surfing

Most importantly, other than crossing surfing off my bucket list, was good old fashioned R&R!  

Strolling on the beach, watching the waves draw in and out and morning runs, wandering through marinas and expressing a general curiosity about anything and everything!  One of my favorite things about traveling, especially solo is the people you randomly meet!

me in california

The first day I was there I met 3 Colorado transplants that had moved to California, it is so fun to live in the mode of curiosity and discovery! ahhh the places we can go :) 

I wish you all a fantastic week ahead, I am going to get back to it,  see you soon in your health club!