My Day with the Colorado Parks and Rec Center Leaders

Buffalo Overlook, Colorado

Friday Morning I made the drive to Silverthorne Colorado to meet with and present to the Colorado Parks and Recreation at their Fitness sector retreat.  What a lovely drive, I love driving from Denver to the high country, the picture above is the first glimpse of the mountain range that you get climbing above the city, it really is a privilege to live in such a beautiful state.

What a lovely group the folks with the Parks and Rec's are!  I knew a handful of them from when I have met with them individually, they all bring such tallent and perspective when collected like they were.

I had the honor of talking with them about industry trends in the climate of the current fitness business, and the importance of knowing what category you fall into as an operator and then meeting your market with the best possible experience to motivate and encourage members that call your facility home. The Parks and Rec's are a great example of facilities in Colorado that provide a progressive and wide variety of programs to offer their community. 

Below is a picture with the Denver Parks and Rec's crew! Tommy, Natalie and Bridget handle the Denver Fitness programming and had a large presence at the recent fitness on the rocks event last month.  It is encouraging to see all the different fitness sectors in Denver, Private or for profit, take such an active approach to reaching the public and get more people moving and exercising everyday.

Tommy, Natalie, Me, Bridget; Denver Parks and Rec 

After spending a day with these folks, I must say... I am very proud to be a part of working with these guys! They have a heart for fitness and health!  Reaching the people in each community they touch.



Thank you Colorado Parks and Rec's for having me!  Looking forward to working with you more in the near future!