Are you the Author of your Trouble?

 "Sounds like an upper limit problem" is probably one of my new favorite phrases.

I am reading a book that is revolutionising my thought processes, and I wanted to share with you because the application has been very considerable for me, and possibly you too.

The book I am refrencing is, The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks , and if you are interested in learning more without reading cover to cover, click the link HERE and watch an interview with Gay. 

The over arching theme I want to give you is this of the "upper limit problem".  Regardless of what your position in life is, there is an application here.  I would encourage you to try this concept on and see your life through the lens of the concepts to see if by playing with your own circumstances you can identify opportunity's for growth.  

What Is The Upper Limit Problem?

"The ULP is the human tendency to put the brakes on our positive energy when we've exceeded our unconscious thermostat setting for how good we can feel, how successful we can be, and how much love we can feel. The essential move we all need to master is learning to handle more positive energy, success and love. Instead of focusing on the past, we need to increase our tolerance for things going well in our lives right now. If we don't learn how to do this, we suffer in every area of our lives. As we bump into our Upper Limit Problems, relationships suffer greatly. In fact, the greater success you achieve, the bumpier your relationship tends to be".

That is a quote from an article written about the "big leap" and the article is linked for you to explore.  

Instead of taking my advise, explore this idea.  Do you mess things up when they are going well?  Are you willing to feel great all the time?  It sounds like a very simple question, however I think it points to all of our ultimate fears in relationships and business.  

Something to ponder as you work in your health club or chosen field, ask yourself when something feels resistant, have I created an 'ULP' to slow myself instead of embracing the good?

Thanks for listening and reading! would love your thoughts if you feel so inclined.