BODYCOMBAT shakes up Billings MT at Granite Health

 Picture with Shara Ford, General Manager and Jenn Thompson, Fitness Director.

"The team at Les Mills and Fitmarc trained our instructors to be top notch.  They put a great deal of passion into their trainings and their final product, and our instructors feel like they are a part of the "Tribe" when they teach.  They carry a lot of pride in their Les Mills certifications and teach as though it's a privilege and an honor to teach that program EVERY CLASS!"


"The support from Fitmarc and Les Mills is incredible!  If you have a question about how to help one of your instructors that is struggling, how to prepare for launch, or ANYTHING - they are there to help you!  I have appreciated the conversations I've had with the Fitmarc team helping us to present the BEST final product we could!"


 thanks again Lindsey!!!


Jenn Thompson

 Program Director at Granite Health & Fitness


One of my most recent trips was to Billings Montana to visit with Fitmarc Friends, on that visit I spent time at Granite Health.  Above you will see Jenn Thompson's feedback on what the Les Mills programs have done for her fitness environment.  I had the chance to take class while I was there and see their team in action, and let me tell you... they are cranking up the heat!  Members at Granite are truly benefiting from highly executed classes and the enthusiasm of participation is contagious.  

The buzz in the women's locker room prior to class was chat of how excited these ladies were for class and that a handful of them had already taken Bodypump that morning and were back for combat!  there is no denying it, the education and content that Les Mills has provided the folks at Granite has caught fire and the results are astounding.  

For quarterly launches Jenn shared with me that they move their classes to a larger footprint and have upwards of 80 participants on launch day, and are always looking for new ways to get more members moving.  Group Fitness connects members, giving them a community within their fitness home.  People that belong to a group within a club, stay, longer and are happier because they are part of a movement!  


Let me know, Lindsey Rainwater, what are your thoughts on group fitness and how is it linking to your wellness environments member satisfaction and instructor development?