Presently available, maybe? Being available to the now.


Be Here Now!

It's been a minute since I blogged about a topic near and dear to my heart.  I wrote a few months back about lighting up the hearts of the people in your life.  With the week I had last week I just couldn't help myself but share what has been on my mind.  I hope you find the link to your wellness environment and also are able to reflect on your personal life with a thoughtfulness that enables a possible change.  I have found a lot of power within my own life through this practice.

I want to chat about this idea of being present, completely available to the minute you are living. 

It is human nature (or at least mine)  to want to be pulled backwards by our pasts and be in constant thought around the future.  So, how do we find the balance in the NOW?  There are many great books and reference points on the subject, The Power of Now, the Secret, and many more break down this idea of being fully available for what is  in front of us. 

I think the underlining principle of this thought process is the ability to be guided by our instinctual happiness and not be driven by circumstance.

In your day to day, it is so easy to be pulled into the dramatic circumstances we often find ourselves in, especially if you are a manager, owner or working within a fitness facility.  So many lives to serve, people to talk to, people to work out.  It is easy to be drawn into the noise and lose yourself in it.

I would like to suggest a challenge, is it possible to take each moment as it comes? being available for what is right in front of you? listening attentively without the chatter of "what's next".

Try it, this week... be available for what is in front of you, be present! I think you will find that when you put some concentrated energy in the direction of showing up for each moment as it comes, fulfillment of the mind and heart will follow and you will feel more alive!

Let me know, Lindsey Rainwater , how it goes, what benefits do you reap within your fitness environments or life, by being more present!