Create a Club- within Your Club- Community is key.

Clubs within clubs, giving this subject thought this morning I wanted to energize your thinking in this space of the 'Health Club'.

The word Health Club in itself implies we are up to something, does it not?

When you think of the word club words like "group, like minded, common theme" come to mind. When I think of health clubs, I do not automatically think "people coming together to be in a group"... I think of many people moving in many different directions to frolic on an adult playground. In my mind I see today's health clubs more as grown up recess. We all arrive and move in our own direction to our favorite activity, some of us hang out in groups, some of us would prefer to swing on a swing alone... or the leg press if you will. I think you see my point.

What is it that defines our Health Clubs as clubs, and by calling it that, do we own up to that name by creating a space for individuals of like mindedness to gather?

A few thoughts to seed you with when looking at evaluating the true nature of your 'club'.  Do you offer a place for like minded individuals to connect? Cycling clubs, running clubs, or simply a strong and thriving group fitness schedule.  One of the key ways to create culture within your club is to create places and spaces for people to create organic groups and community.  A very simple way to do this is via the group fitness space.  Depending on the size of your studio, up to 60 people gather in that space multiple times per day, and if the right class at the right time is offered, you give people the opportunity to gather.  Having a consistent time slot and instructor enhances this effort.

Once you have people joining together and feeling 'A part of', I believe you have successfully created a club.

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 I wonder, do you create a culture and community within your health club? I would love to hear from you, let me know what your engagement looks like to create a true 'Club' for your members.