A time to be, a time to breath and reflect- 2013 in closing

Last Year- The visual I created for my intentions

I enjoy reflecting, not to the point of anything excessive, but I enjoy looking at the story I have created for myself so far on this journey called life. I must say, what I enjoy far more than looking at the past, is day dreaming about the future. I consider myself a dreamer, I often think about travel plans, career milestones and more personal desires like having a family of my own one day. Regardless of your dreamer capacity, a lot of us fall into a reflective state this week each year. Ticking off the boxes of completed new year's resolutions, or making new lists and promises to ourselves in hopes of another year of growth.

Last year I set intentions for myself; that word felt more attractive to me personally. This past year I was in a state of personal growth pursuit vs. conquering a goal. For me it worked, each idea that I decided to pursue with intention last year, I absolutely saw growth in those areas.

This year I plan on continuing to stay in that mindset, a mindset of traction vs. hard set goal setting. My toss to you this year is this; Rather than get hung up on "did I or didn't I meet and exceed my goals" vs. what have I done this year to bring me closer to filling in my skin, what have I done to improve my offering to myself and the world around me?

I know for me, being in a constant state of personal growth is far more important than ticking off boxes of to do's. In my experience, keeping myself as engaged as possible in the present and out of the business of manufactured outcomes, most certainly contributes to over all sanity and peace of mind. After all, all I have is now, not then, not to be... right now.

So as you go into your celebrations tomorrow and days of reflecting, rather than view this is a hard "stop, start" of goals and tasks- what will you continue to expand on, and what needs to go?

Have a beautiful New Year!