Kick your shoes off and get busy!

I love highlighting the clubs that I discover out there that are offering fun, fresh new takes on fitness. The Denver metro area has many fun spins on the boutique club environment, and I had the pleasure of visiting one of them recently. 

I met with Mr. Bradley Cooley, owner/operator at the studio, Bradley has been in the industry for years with a collective background that allows him to truly serve his membership base with a passion for fitness.  See Bradley's description of the facility and images below. 


"FIIT WERX is a unique functional training studio in the heart of downtown Denver, next to Coors Field.  Training barefoot and using the MYZONE heart rate training system, they've created a two week circuit of exercises consisting of a day of pushing exercises and a day of pulling exercises.  The FIIT circuits are structured by way of a 12 station routine, creating an effective 36 minute total body "werkout".  Each exercise is performed for an intense minute before resting for 30 seconds, as you rotate through a series of stations combining aerobic and resistance exercises.   Everyone is encouraged to reach their own level of “Full Intensity” and every exercise can be adjusted to accommodate one’s personal ability".-Bradley Cooley

While I was there, of course I had the chance to participate!  I worked through a 36 minute workout, barefoot!  What a BLAST the workouts are at FIIT WERX!  I would encourage you, if you are in the Denver area and want to check out something new, stop in and try out their unique spin on barefoot training.

 And while you are at it, stay for a Will Power and Grace class, they share a studio space with the the Will Power Method.  Talk about a dynamic duo, Willpower FIT studio and FIIT WERX under one roof!