Windows for change


I believe we are all seekers on a certain level.  Even if we are not health and wellness seekers, we are all usually after something.  

Have you ever been presented with a "window" of opportunity for self improvement?

Many of us by nature have to reach the end of our rope in one way or another to make a change.  We see this often with people fighting weight problems, many times the initiation of change is based on a threat to health, or another form of consequence coming down the pipe because of repetitive un-healthy behavior.  

Have you ever pondered the thought that a lot of the opportunities we are presented with to make changes, only come around so often? And when we leave the window cracked too long without opening it and stepping into that new realm, often, the window closes again and we are back into the room running in circles. 

I know in my own life I see that I have had windows open, and I chose to fling it wide open off the hinges and dive into the new space.  As un familiar and uncomfortable as those new spaces are, it's always (in my case) deepened my 'seeker' need and put me right on the path I needed to be on.  

Life presents us with windows for change, if we choose to not go through the window when it opens sometimes it never reopens.

What experiences have you had with open windows? Is your existing life as a health seeker a result of you jumping out of a window?

would love it if you share your experiences with me!