Worry does not solve problems. Here's why.

Do you worry yourself out if taking action?

In your business do you get stuck so intently on weighing all the possible options that you become frozen and are not able to act? 

While it's critical to forward think, prepare and plan- what have you missed out on by over thinking outcomes you can't possibly prepare for?

After all- if we could all calculate outcomes perfectly- this whole world would look a lot different.

I would recommend exchanging worry for wonder and come at situations from a place of curiosity.

When I find myself all wrapped up in possible outcomes and the fear and worry that comes with over calculating risk and gain- I stop and ask myself what is happening right now, that I do have control over.  

Being able to presence myself in the moment being presented, I have found is one of the most powerful tools to success.  When my energy is going towards what is in front of me, vs ten steps ahead of me, the world looks a lot clearer.