I will feel better when (fill in the blank): whole body health.


Death by selfie; in a culture obsessed with image, how do you handle your health? I mean whole body health, not just the physical body, the whole package!

Mental and spiritual health is often something overlooked.

We get in the mentality of "I would feel better if I lost 10lbs", which I'm not saying you wouldn't. But what if you put the same amount of energy you did into your mental and spiritual health that you did logging hours on the treadmill...

What is your image of health? do you look at simply the physical body, or do you also consider the mind and spirit when you are analyzing your health?

I have had this topic on my mind this morning; the link between spiritual and mental wholeness and how it dictates physical body health.

Allow me to elaborate... In my observations, as a society we put a lot of importance on outward appearance. Magazines, Media and many other outlets continue to tell us how to look, dress, and present our outward appearances to the world. Just as important though, what kind of thoughtfulness are we giving our insides? the mind and the soul also play a role in our whole body wellness.

I feel strongly that physical body health, is important! What we eat, how often we exercise is of paramount importance, in contrast... So is the rest of us that isn't visible to the eye.

Have you ever noticed some people operate with their head cut off, allowing their physical body to lead and ignore the intuitive nature of their spirits?

A little food for thought... What do you see in the mirror?