Get out of your comfort zone!

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Les Mills Instructor Training for BodyFlow.  What a wonderful experience! I wanted to share with you what my thoughts were upon the close of the training.

See the girl in white- That's me!

Having been out of the instructor side of things for a while, throwing myself into the memorization of choreography and music timing took a minute.  Once I started to get the program tracks in my body I was off to the races.  The classroom environment for Les Mills programs is welcoming of all learning styles and coaches directly to what the instructor needs to perfect in order to deliver a world class experience to their students.  I walked away encouraged by what I needed to continue to work on, proud of what I had accomplished, and new friends that I trained with.

If you have not been through a Les Mills Instructor training, I would highly recommend it! It was invigorating and challenging, and if you are an instructor looking to take yourself to the next level of class delivery, you would really benefit from the training!

Most importantly for myself, I got outside my comfort zone and tried something new! All of the trainings I have ever attended were in formats I was comfortable with and had spent a lot of time as a student memorizing choreography prior to training.  This was not the case for me this time around! I went into the weekend not having a firm footing of years taking the class.  The amount of humble pie I ate memorizing something new to me was glorious!

I love that sort of thing; a lot of growth that I have experienced in life has come in working through things as they are happening.  And as a result, the perspective of learning new things, getting a little uncomfortable and striving forward, has become very rewarding both mentally and physically.

If you have an opportunity in life, in your work place, where you manage, wherever! To experience something new, or take a risk, DO IT!  Take on the short-term discomfort for the long-term perspective! I know I sure do enjoy it, and will always cherish my Les Mills Instructor training for allowing me an opportunity to try something new and greatly benefit from the experience!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts! What types of Fitness risks have you taken recently to get out of your comfort zone?