Oh ya, I have an app for that!

Do you “Like” it?


Did you check in, did you post the picture, tag the picture, stay 30 minutes later to meet up with a friend that just checked in? Does any of this sound familiar? 

Does your smart phone and the world of endless apps play a role in your life? For me, it does! Everything I do has been integrated into that one little device

There are so many different ways to be social today!

Never have we been able to be as connected as we are today.  In 5 minutes I can be up to date on my friends lives across the country, see geographically where my friends are around town, and carry on any number of conversations across multiple outlets simultaneously without skipping a beat! What a gift to be so connected.  So, how does this magical device and the social outlets it provides affect your health and fitness?

I recently poled my Facebook friends to get some insight on the subject; I gathered information about how my friends are using fitness apps to improve their personal goals and aspirations in the health category.  As it turns out, a majority of the people in my life, similar to myself, connect themselves socially using their fitness apps and track their progress from their device. 

There are thousands of apps to choose from, a few ranking at the top were Live strong myfitnesspal, Run Keeper, and a handful of others.  The majority not only tracked activity but also nutrition.  In most cases these apps are linked to social outlets to provide friends and followers a live picture of their health.  We don’t just go to the gym anymore, we check in when we get there, inviting our social networks the opportunity to applaud us or see our activity.  There is a certain level of transparency that comes with being social online.  You can treat your facebook page as an online Journal, tracking your every move and are able to look back to measure progress.

What a gift that we now have so many ways to feel connected with one another! If you would like more information about social apps linking to health and fitness, check out this link that breaks down a few of the chart topping favorites! And tell me Lindsey Rainwater, how are you socially linking your Health?