Do they know Why?

The past 2 weeks, I have asked you to look at the position of the front desk within our fitness environments and really unpack ideas and feelings behind it.

We have looked at the role and how the person acting in it can affect many other parts of the business. We have also discussed best practices around hiring and recruiting what you are looking for and not simply filling the position.

This week, I will wrap up this conversation by discussing accountability and expectations of your front desk staff.  In any business model, being able to align all of your staff, regardless of position, with your business's purpose is key to success.

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But have you ever taken a moment to walk your fitness floor, personal training office, or group exercise room and talked to your staff? If you asked them what the purpose of  your facility is, could they tell you? Of course, a lot of us within the industry might say, “to improve peoples lives through health and wellness” or something candid and to that effect, but with so many different models of fitness centers, do those that work for you clearly understand what they are a part of? Do they have a purpose?

Spend a few minutes with that individual, share with them what your vision is for when that new member or existing member walks in your front door. Provide specific examples on how you would like the interaction to look, and ask for genuine connection. 

In my experience, when I offer someone in that position the tools to go above and beyond and make a genuine connection, I see the behavior manifest immediately.  Why? Because you have added value to that persons position.  You have spent time and energy encouraging a shift in behavior and something to strive for. 

After all is said and done, people really want to simply be a part of: a part of a team, a part of their gym, a part of a community.  If you can present those that connect with your members a framework of how to do that and what you expect, they then feel connected to you, and so they want to facilitate the same experience to your members.  But it all starts with being genuine, from you to them, and then it can be carried out. 

Tell me, Lindsey Rainwater how you connect with your staff and inspire action!