Culture and Community

How do you cultivate culture? 

Does that culture create community?

Within your fitness environment, how do your members engage?


Do they meet each other for workouts, grab coffee after and make new friends as a result of your environment? Imagine if they did!

They might even begin to think of your environment as a second home.

The reason I pose these questions is to generate thought and conversation about how we, in the fitness industry, build a community out of our desired culture. What are some of the ways that you have accomplished this

One of the proven ways to create community within a culture is to give people a place to gather. One of the ways the fitness industry does this is through group classes, both small and large.

Here is some food for thought.  If you're not in charge of the direction your culture is moving, then who is? And, if you're not in control, then how can you be confident it will move in the direction you want your business to move?

Is your culture one that creates the byproduct of community? 

Tell me, Lindsey Rainwater, what you do to create a culture that cultivates community!