What's in a Thank You?

In this climate of movers and shakers, something struck a cord with me today. 

When I grabbed my mail today I saw a postcard, a handwritten card that is. The local yoga studio that I had checked out two weeks ago had sent a handwritten thank you card, from the owner, thanking me for checking out their community. 

I felt compelled to write about it, because this is the second card I have received from a local business, in the past two months.  The other came to me after an evening at a local eatery, the waitress that had served me that evening, thanked me, specifically referencing our conversation, and sent me a note. 

In a world full of multi tasking, auto generated responses, those of many I use; this gesture got me to thinking.  Everyone is being marketed to so heavily, intuitively. Technology has forded us the opportunity to do this in such a way that it feels as genuine as someone holding our hand through the process.  In the same breathe, how much stock is there in the old fashioned gestures we were once taught by our mothers. 

Is a thank you note out dated? Or just as relevant in today’s technology driven society.  

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