When January 1st comes, will you be ready? Captivate your fitness audience.

I was thinking this morning a lot about the fitness industry's PUSH at the first of January in alignment with the annual ritual of most people setting a new year's resolutions.

I talk to a lot of health club professionals, and this is a HOT topic! especially this time of year, owners, managers and leaders in our industry are shifting their focus to their "new year plan".  

Regardless of your business model within the Fitness industry it's no secret that there is a surge of new members, traffic and check in's to your facility upon that first official Monday morning the first week of January.  The puzzling fact many leaders always find themselves left with is, how am I going to get them to stay past March.  While it is very important to consider providing a meaningful experience for your new members, don't forget about your faithful 5am crew that's been with you all year.  

So, in this ever changing climate of smart phone technology, facebook check in's, content marketing and on and on, What is your plan to bring new members in the door this January?  How do you plan on providing an experience that will captivate new members, re energize and continue to wow your existing members, and grow your membership base past March when the 90 day "I'll give it a try this year" new member buzz fades away. 

Tell me, Lindsey Rainwater, please comment here and tell me, how do You plan on mixing things up this year to captivate your fitness audience within your fitness environment.