YMCA of OKC - BodyPump truly is for everyone!

I just got back from a fantastic visit to the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Fitness market, it was such a great visit that you will see a few posts from me this week highlighting my experiences, so stay tuned this is the first of a couple! 

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Mrs Michele Taylor, executive Director of the Downtown Family YMCA of Oklahoma City.  What a bright light she is to her community! Michele and Me at her branch.

She is a Fitmarc Customer that offers BodyPump in all of her branch locations.  I wanted to chat with her while I was in town to get some insight on what makes her so successful, and here are some of her trade secrets she let me in on. 

Bodypump is for everyone, she said.  Many of her members started taking class not having experience lifting weights, and started out small some only using the bar without the 'donuts' (loved that description).  But once they began feeling confident and comfortable added weight and really saw a difference.  Her average class participant ranges from young adult to active senior age.  A wide demographic and one that loves the class format and continues to come back for more! 

Instructor education and excitement is something she stays on top of.  A handful of her instructors have attended our AIMS continuing education and quarterlies. The YMCA has really benefited from the instructors continually increasing their skills beyond their initial training module.  Not only this but it improves the member experience by having highly skilled instructors.

Launches and re launches are very important to them.  They spend time each quarter planning an event that will blow their members hair back, she mentioned "they may think we are crazy, but they always love it".  Last release they went with the theme "Night at the Drive in Movie" and converted the group exercise room into a drive in movie theatre with a framed screen at the front of the room and each instructor took their turn being the "movie". Offering complementary popcorn and waters after the movie (class) to the hard worked participants.  They keep it fun, and when it comes time for launch ideas, everyone contributes and the group decides on the themes.  Find your Local YMCA

My key take away from our conversation came to a point when she said that not only has membership grown, members have stayed and she continues to have high levels of instructor participation and enthusiasm, she closed our conversation with "I don't know what I would do without Bodypump, and we are getting ready to add more Les Mills programs".  

If you care to know more about the Les Mills programs or the success of YMCA's, contact me, Lindsey Rainwater.  I would love to help you unlock your group exercise potential.