A look into my week.

This past week I spent time in Las Cruces New Mexico talking to Fitness folks about how their programs are going and what their members are asking for from them.  


In my findings I wanted to share with you a few observations and best practice that came out of that market.  Regardless of where I go and who I visit with, the constant theme that surfaces is member engagement.  How to get members through the door, to stay and what are they providing them to make them make that Gym their home for health and fitness results.

Two particular clubs I want to highlight from my trip are Club Fitness and Primetime Fitness.   

At Club Fitness in chatting with their club manager he explained their use of the Technogym wellness system.  They have made the choice to set themselves apart in their market by offering cutting edge tracking and accountability for their members that allows them to use technology like what they use everyday into their workouts.  As I walked the floor and saw the use, the members are truly engaged and are benefiting from this system being in place.  This is a great example of providing a niche in the market so that members have a unique experience within this club to keep them coming back day after day.

Primetime Fitness being one of the most historical locations in town, has a strong and committed following. The staff was warm and welcoming upon walking in the front door, the manger engaged with every check in that came through the door while conversing with me about twitter, website function and other important ways to connect with members.  Primetime offers a wide variety of equipment, classes, tanning, and truly embodies the ideals behind your fitness center being your home for wellness practices within your life.  I got the feeling while meeting with the group fitness manager and we chatted with a member about her new baby and the joys of that first year, that this place was home to many members in the area and does a great job caring for their members and their level of care has translated to fantastic retention year after year.  

As I am out meeting and connecting with the Fitness professionals in our community, I always look for that human connection.  How are people facilitating an environment that is focused on people in service of people, I found that last week and was compelled to share my findings with you.

Let me know, Lindsey Rainwater, what are you doing in your fitness center to set yourself apart, meet your members needs, and attract new?