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Last summer I had the opportunity to speak at a local event in Denver Colorado. This video is a small clip where I share about my obsession with what I like to call "the third way".

For me, the third way is the option you have not yet thought of that exists in your imagination... possibly that thing you are afraid to go for but dream about living into.

As I come back from maternity leave from my second born, I am reminded of my passion on this topic and how it impacts women at work. I love my babies, and my work... so how do they co-exist... More on that to come!

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Why Now is the Time to Get Involved; FitPosium Podcast Interview

Thank you FitPosium for the podcast interview, if you have not heard of them, checkout the podcast and their event later this year!

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Our latest podcast features our interview with Lindsey Rainwater who is the founder and CEO of the Women in Fitness Association. WIFA is a non-profit organization that exists to support women of all ages and races to succeed both professionally and personally within the fitness industry.


The vision of WIFA is that every woman professionally representing the fitness industry can find her place and rise to her fullest potential! Their aim is to see more women in the board room, championing each other to achieve, sharing success through collaboration.

This interview discusses the benefit of professional trade organizations, why it is important to get involved and how one can get the most out of their membership.

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Lindsey Rainwater, also known as Lindsey RainH2O, is a sought-after business advisor, founder, writer & keynote speaker to the fitness and wellness industry.  For more information about Rainwater, follow her on social at @LindseyRainH2o

Aspire Higher Podcast

I was fortunate to get to sit down with Dave Glaser, founder of Fit Life Champions and talk about all the things, purpose, my current projects, how I started in the fitness industry and so much more! Click play below and listen while you’re working today.

Towards the end of the podcast I share about my newest project, the C3 Program , our next launch date is November 6, 2018, click here to learn more: .

Thank you Dave for the opportunity to chat with you. Dave is an incredible business leader in the Fitness world virtually and in the Denver area, click here to learn about his business, and if you are a person wanting accountability and support in your fitness training, he is pure magic! Thank you again for the opportunity, Dave. Enjoy the podcast and if you’d like to get in touch with me, click here.

Lindsey Rainwater, also known as Lindsey RainH2O, is a sought-after business advisor, Founder, writer & keynote speaker to the fitness and wellness industry.  For more information about Rainwater, follow her on Twitter @LindseyRainH2o

Who is With Me?

Ladies, I am excited to say, I am stepping out on a ledge and taking a leap of faith.

For years, I have studied with masterful coaches and facilitators to learn tools and methods for supporting others in transformational change. I studied with masters Gay & Katy Hendricks to learn the art of listening to my body as a vehicle for transformational change, to be a body intelligent human being!

Throughout all of my training, I have never led with this skill, instead I will sprinkle exercises or ideas into my consulting work… until today… Today I am stepping fully into my capabilities and offering up a new way to learn from your body, it is truly a remarkable skill and I am so excited to share with you about it!

I am launching a curated community for women interested in learning from their intuition and body intelligence, small groups of women, meeting to learn and explore.

C3 Squad’s are a place for women to collaborate, create and contribute with one another.

One of the hardest things in my opinion, is finding community, true, enriched and meaningful community… I want to help solve this problem. To create a place for women, with busy schedules, full lives to be able to gather with another handful of women, virtually, be supported and build life long friendships!

I am launching the first squad in a few short weeks, join me to experience something totally new and refreshing!